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Guide to Top High Paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners Level Bloggers 2018

Hello guys , In Money Making section today we discuss about most popular in these Days i.e Affiliate marketing High Paying Affiliate Programs

It is one of the great source of income, and people even making 1,000 to 2,000 dollar per day.Sometimes this type of figure really mind blowing but behind the scene you have to need right strategies and smart knowledge to successful into it

I will give you some list of top affiliate marketing sites know for high paying affiliate programs

High Paying Affiliate Programs 2018

Points to Remember Before Choosing best Affiliate Program

  • Recurring income that means if you have successful to bring subscription to website so if customer each and every time when pay for monthly subscription you getting paid for commission every time 
  • High Commissions
  • Product quality
  • Demand among targeted audience i.e should have high search volume 
  • Payout Schedule 
  • Supportive community 
  • Customer support
  • How many successful bloggers or marketers attach to it 

High Paying Affiliate Programs

So these some points which get some ideas how you can select best top high paying affiliate programs 

But One things is that i don't want to demotivate to beginners but most of 80% people fails in affiliate marketing because they do many errors , they have insufficient marketing methodologies and don't know which steps go to next and come to success

Some Mistakes Beginners Do and they fell into failure 

1. They invest in fake affiliate training or courses 
2. Not selected a perfect Niche
3. Starts with high competitive products which leads to chances of low level success
4. Beginner focus on only to selling but they don't want to address problem or pain which peoples facing.Once they try to solve problems they definitely add value to products and users starting to  become customers 
5.They have not much patience

So these are things definitely beginners should be home work about that and try to learn new tips and tricks in a perfect way with experts or real affiliate marketer

There are the some High Paying Affiliates Programs Below specially for beginner to start 

Top High Paying Affiliate Programs 

Namecheap Affiliate Program

namecheap is one of best renowned company in field of domain registration and web hosting founded in 2000 

It provides various services like SSL certification, web security , online marketing and different types of web hosting 

As it's customer base in good amounts and by promoting its product you can earn good amount of money as company is reputed and it's services quality is better

Commission Rates for all Services 

SSL Certificates35%
Web Hosting35%
Marketplace and Premium Domains0%

So on generated every new sale you will get commission between 20%-35% basis on products

Minimum Payout = $50

Mode of Payment - Paypal , Payoneer , Direct Bank Transfer

Cookie Duration = 30 days , here meaning from cookie duration is that if affiliate link generated by you on affiliate website and its cookie duration is 30 days so when person within 30 days from data of created link purchase product or takes a subscription then you will get a commission but after 30 days if someone has buy something from link then you will be disqualify for getting commission

But in namecheap like High Paying Affiliate Programs if  your referrals suspended service or canceled for any reason so you will not get any commission

Features Highlight of Namecheap

  • With over 2 millions customer really it's big affiliate program
  • Constant demand of domain name and web hosting has opportunity for affiliates leads to maximum amount
  • Upto 20-35% commission
  • Paypal option is available for payments 

Signup Namecheap Affiliate Program 

Semrush Affiliate Program

If you are blogger or digital marketer then you know about semrush it an intelligent tools for ppc , social media marketing and in Search Engine Optimization 

It is one of the best seo tools that you can easily find golden keywords for you , analysis of  competitors competition , backlinks , and you can do all of which helps you in increasing SEO ranking in google

To drive traffic and keyword research i will recommend best tool 

Semrush to atttract more customers its has own affiliate program named BERUSH 

highlight on Affiliate

Commission Rates = 40% commission rate on new sales and it is fully recurring commission program, on every month as referral pay you will get commission

Minimum Payout = It is $50 for Paypal and if you want through Wire Transfer is $1000

Cookie Duration =  10 years 

Mode of Payment =  Paypal , Wire Transfer

Features of Semrush Affiliates

  • It provides recurring commission
  • 40% commission on first sale
  • Minimum Payout is 50 dollars
  • High Ticket Commissions

Don't Do this 

Semrush high paying affiliate programs have some terms and conditions for affiliates which to follow necessary otherwise semrush disqualify from you for affiliate marketing 

If found spamming then your account will be terminate

Don't use Semrush or Berush name or misspelled words in search engine marketing campaigning even not be included in name of your domain name

Do not refer yourself 

So semrush is good high paying affiliate program and its gives you more commission than namecheap even you will generate recurring commission per month from your referrals 

Signup Semrush Affiliate Program

Grammarly Affiliate Program

Grammarly is online tools which gives grammar and punctuation checker features by which helps user to write article with grammatical and punctuation error free 

It helps to write someone in professional way of writing 

By Plagiarism tool you can check how much content is copied or 100% original compare to others

It has free version but you got more features in paid version

Commission Rates = On every free registration you earn $0.20 and whenever your referrals upgrade to premium version you will earn $20 commission

Minimum Payout = $50

Cookie Duration = 90 days

Mode of Payment = check or bank transfer

Features of Grammarly Affiliate

  • If you place grammarly  banner on website and write an article about that you will get $25 bonus
  • If you performed well and your cross income over $1000 consider as a Top performer 
  • For Top performer they will paid you maximum payouts and discounts
  • You will get extra 10% referral income when one of your referral become affiliates
  • 14% commission
  • Even On signup affiliates get commission 
  • This tool cover maximum audience really suit for any blogger or article writers
  • You can withdraw money at 50 dollar

This is some of programs where after using its first time user want to continue again and again because of its excellent features and affiliates will make surely can earn good revenues from it 

SiteGround Affiliate Program

SiteGround is one the big web hosting company and it gains trust by 1 millions websites 

It provides different types of web hosting really they have fast speed servers and technologies which makes websites speed fast and secure 

They have big reputation that means from perspective of  affiliates big opportunity to capture more and more sales and conversions

I personally read lot of reviews on many sites they earn a huge amount from this program 

Commission Rates = On each sale you will receive $50 but if you become successful to generate more than 21 sales then your commission will be more than 100 dollar per sale

Minimum Payout = Good thing is SiteGround has no restriction on payout and they have policy of no minimum payouts really good for those who has beginner level

Mode of Payment = They are one of few affiliates program pay to affiliates per week and they paid direct to bank or paypal transfer

Features of SiteGround Affiliate

  • They provides supports , fast response and account manager to affiliates
  • Upto 50 dollar commission but on high sales you will get 150 dollar per sale 
  • No minimum payout criteria
  • Big name and big brand obviously people attract to it 
SiteGround Really High Paying Affiliate Programs 

Web hosting affiliates is one of affiliate products they have chance to sold fast because of its demand 

So this is also good affiliate program from beginner point of view and you can promote siteground products through PPC,Social Media,Email Marketing and SEO if you can bring 1 sale then you can do next of it also 

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program

If you have WordPress site then you heard about that it is very popular site that provides quality WordPress themes and plugins 

Some of big name in blogging use mythemeshop in his blogs 

MyThemeShop generally have seo friendly,secure,customize and fast loading themes and they have more demand also 

Commission Rates = On every sale you can earn up to 55 dollar so we can say it is high paying affiliate programs

Minimum Payout = As Same As SiteGround they have also no minimum payout limit

Mode of Payment = Paypal

Cookie Duration = 60 Days

Features of MyThemeShop Affiliate

  • If your referrals become affiliates then you earn 10% of their commission
  • No Minimum Payout
  • High Commission
  • Over 400000 customers its popular among bloggers
  • You can earn upto 1000 dollar per month 
Many website owner in search of premium themes for making website professional look

They even ready to pay for 50 dollar so it's best affiliate program for bloggers only you have to strategy for promoting it to right audience 

Long Tail Pro Affiliate Program

Long Tail Pro is an best seo tools to find long tail keywords

Long Tail Keyword is those keywords which contain more than two words have low search volume but more specific than short keywords

Beginners who enter in blogging they wanted to higher ranking in google but most of keywords are competitive and rank to them is very difficult so we have to be needed those keyword which has good search volume with low competition 

And long tail keywords complete this criteria to rank any websites in low competition segment

So this tool really helpful for bloggers 

Commission Rates = On every sale affiliates earn 30% commission and also recurring commission when referrals each time pay for monthly plan 

Mode of Payment = Paypal

Leadpages Affiliate Program 

Leadpages is landing page builder and you don't have to required multiple pages and hosting 

Leadpages has its own hosting and we can create so many landing page 

Bloggers and affiliate marketers use this in affiliate and CPA marketing to generate more leads 

It has easy UI and design templates really good 

Commission Rate = 30% recurring commission till members of leadpages

Mode of Payment = Paypal

Cookie Duration = 30 days

Features of Leadpages Affiliate 

  • Its product price is quite low as compare to clickfunnels and other landing page builders obviously attract to targeted audience 
  • 30% recurring commission
  • Seo compatible
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Choices of Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers

StudioPress Affiliate Program

StudioPress is one of the best themes provider in WordPress community and their themes are also used by some of  top notch bloggers like Neil Patel

It also provides WordPress hosting so i can say it create all types of  ingredients for WordPress sites  for making beautiful and professional sites

High Paying Affiliate Programs Offers 35% commission

Offered Themes by Studio Press is one of best themes for seo friendly and performance wise 

Commission Rate = 35% commission on Theme sale 

Cookie Duration = 60 Days

It has top affiliate products to promote for best affiliate marketing

So This is about all Best High Paying Affiliate Programs to make money mainly i written this post on behalf of  those programs which are not much difficult to sell and not worried about spending more money to advertising may be best affiliate program for beginners level blogger 


  1. you have provide a good affiliate list for blogger thank you so much dear


  2. Hi there,
    I want to ask you a affiliate marketing related question. i am an new blogger, almost a year back i started two blogs that i worked hard on and no i have a good number of following and traffic built that it feels like i should start putting affiliate links of products and i might just make some sales.
    BUT the thing is i don't know what company's program i should join. Here in UK there is this company that is offer good deal of commission and everything that is required to achieve that startup that i am looking for but review is required.
    I'll try to address you to the list revglue(.)com/free-wordpress-plugins maybe you can help me out decide or maybe suggest me something else if you can.
    Anyway appreciated.

    1. hii thanks for commenting
      you can join clickbank program or jvzoo
      There has also other programs which gives a good commission per sale
      before putting affiliate links directly you need to be good knowledge for sure success

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