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List of SBI International Debit Cards 100% Work on International Sites

Hii guys so this post as name you already know that international debit card of sbi mentioned here

SBI International Debit Cards 100% Work on International Sites

When someone want to go abroad or pays to international sites he/she always stuck in international transactions

Is my sbi debit card eligible for international transactions

In india only limited debit cards are allowed for international transactions according to RBI guidelines

So don't worry about that if you are freelancers,web developer or any other want to buy services or purchasing goods i shortlisted lists of SBI card designed specially for international transactions

And it's really work 100% and i tested sbi global international debit card successfully in paypal , fiverr and google play console sites also

SBI International Debit Card

Types of SBI International Debit Card

Mainly state bank of india has 6 or 7 debit cards mainly for international usage has followings


Platinum international debit card allows user for cashless shopping and withdraw from atm in India or anywhere in the globe 

Purchasing goods at merchants store anywhere either you are in india or abroad 

Other benefits of this card comes with purchase protection on behalf of any theft or burglary of total rs.50000 from purchasing date at merchant establishments and it also covers of life insurance of rs.5 lakhs 

This has one of few cards that accessed to allow visa airport lounge at airport issued by Visa or Master Card

Charges & Cash Limit

SBI international debit card charges rate are seen different on different cards 

As concern with SBI platinum debit card maintenance charges only Rs.250/ + GST

and in case if card has been lost or damaged its replacement charge Rs.300/ + GST

Minimum daily cash limit at ATM is rs.100 and Maximum  to rs.100000

Minimum daily cash limit at POS is no limit and Maximum to rs.200000


sbi international card Online

It is a contact less cards based on Near Field Communication Technology i.e NFC 

This NFC technology enable debit card pays at merchant locations without swiping card you have to just waving your card near pos machines and transactions has been done 

SBI paypass is contactless debit card is secured with chip and NFC antenna for successful transactions 

Sbi paypass generally issued by MasterCard and it also known as sbiINTOUCH Tap & Go  Master Debit Card


Bill payments,book movie tickets and work on any international sites online 

Shopping at 10 lakhs merchant outlets in india and accepted over at 30 millions worldwide outlets by sbi paypass mastercard

SBI Paypass Charges & Cash Limit

Minimum daily cash limit at ATM is rs.100 and Maximum  to rs.40000

Minimum daily cash limit at Point of Sales is no limit and Maximum is subject to equivalent of US dollar to rs.75000 per day

Annual maintenance charges in Paypass is 150 rs +GSTCard Replacement charges is 300 rs +GST  


Sbi debit card Transaction

This uses same technology that paypass do 

Use a NFC technology for contactless payments. User only to do waving card near PoS terminal and transactions done successfully 

Come up with chips and NFC antenna for secure payments 

It generally named  sbiINTOUCH Tap & Go Visa Debit Card issues by VISA 

Most important this sbi paywave visa debit card are secured with EMV contactless standards 


Online shopping and for any e-comm transactions

Withdraw cash from ATMS in india and worldwide

Accepted at 30 millions global outlets outside india

SBI Paywave Charges & Cash Limit

Sbi paywave debit card international charges and cash limit as same as of sbi paypass debit card


Sbi silver international debit card introduce by SBI for specially international transactions 

It is eligible for both domestic and international usage books movies,pay online and works on different international sites like paypal,google play console etc 

Pay at any PoS terminals in india and abroad upto 3 crores worldwide outlets

By paying online with sbi silver debit card you can earn rewards point on purchase through SBI Debit Card Loyalty Program and when you collected desired points redeemed for exciting gifts 

SBI Silver Card Charges & Cash Limit

Daily cash withdrawal minimum limit at ATM is rs.100 and maximum is rs.40000

PoS limit per day minimum is no limit but maximum limit is subject of equivalent to US dollars to rs.75000 per day


Really accepted globally and it has same features as of sbi platinum and silver international debit card 

On every purchase you would get reward points by Sbi rewardz and redeemed at any online shopping or recharge websites


Purchase online globally and reached to maximum PoS terminals worldwide 

Accepted at Paypal like site 

Useful for freelancers , web developers or who want to purchase direct from alibaba or any other shopping website 

It comes with 2 lacs accidental insurance and on behalf of any theft or burglary purchase protection of rs.5000 from date of purchase only 90 days

SBI Gold Withdrawal Limit Per Day 

Daily withdrawal limit at ATM between Rs.100 to 50,000 maximum

PoS limit transaction per day upto maximum is Rs.2,00,000


It is one of those cards in india mostly used for international transactions

It is a excellent card for purchasing online 

I personally use this global international card issued by Visa and i purchase many gigs in fiverr from this and also support paypal

If someone has want to purchase google console account i recommend use  and it accepted by google also 

This has come into two variant SBI VISA GLOBAL DEBIT CARD & SBI MASTERCARD GLOBAL DEBIT CARD  which is issued by MasterCard

I generally use SBI VISA GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL CARD  for online and it works fine 

Globally accepted over 30 millions worldwide outlets

On purchases transactions you would get reward points under SBI REWARDZ and redeemed for any gift vouchers or discounts at online websites

SBI GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL Debit Card Charges & Cash Limit

Annual Maintenance Charges = Rs.175 + GST

Card Replacement Charges = Rs.300 + GST

Daily Cash limits between Rs.100 to 40000

Daily Online Transaction Limits maximum to Rs.75000


If you are in abroad and withdraw cash from ATM outside india SBI charge rs.169 + service tax for ATM cash withdrawal transactions 


1. FIRST Login in to

online sbi

now login page open 

SBI Debit Card for international Transaction

Hover mouse  on e services menu then drop down menu shown and select on ATM card services

Debit Card Sbi for International 

Select on Request ATM/Debit Card 


Then new page open now select your primary account and enter name of your on Name on the Card section , next select type of card and accept terms and conditions and  Click on submit button

SBI Debit Card Apply Online

Then on next page Select One Time Password or Profile Password

If you select OTP then otp will be received  on your registered mobile no and then confirms the details on next page and click on submit button

A success message wii be shown  “Congratulations ! your card request has been recorded. You will receive your debit card within 7-8 working days at your registered address.”

Enable International Transaction on SBI Debit Card 

You can now easily activate international transaction on sbi debit card except SBI classic debit card because state bank of india classic debit card only enabled for domestic usage not designed for international online 

International transaction can be activated by 3 ways 

 1 . Login to then click on e services tab >> ATM Card Services >>ATM Card Limit/Channel/Usage click on Usage >> click on enable option now your debit card activated for international transaction 

 2 . Send SMS SWON INTL Last 4 Digit to 09223966666

 3 . Download SBI Quick Mobile App from there you can easily activate international transaction on clicking of ATM cum Debit  Card

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and i cover on all the debit cards of sbi which for international transaction , how to activate and how to apply debit card online 

So Okay friends bye bye and again we will meet in next fresh post 


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  2. whats the foreign exchange mark up percentage for SBI Global Debit card? Suppose used to pay ad carges for facebook in dollars. then what is the foreign exchange mark up charges?